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About Termites and Pest Control Services

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Company Since 1984.

We specialise in odourless and hassle free treatments for most of problems by using most modern, safe and odourless chemicals by Bayer. Rat control or rodent control is always challenging and tough job. We have massive experience in rodent control. We provide services to imported bakery suppliers and we are available for you 24x7. Call us and enjoy pest free premises. No worry from pest and related disease. We are here to ensure you quality pest control services with complete solution.

Common Pest Control


We, Termite & Pest Control, undertake cockroaches/household insect treatment using the best and relevant technique


This service is very essential for the control of flies and mosquitoes.By treating breeding areas such as open drain, dustbins and dump.


We at Termite and Pest control services offer post constructional anti termite treatment of wood-work and flooring.


This treatment comprises of keeping bait stations with safer rodencide in hidden corners where the presence of rates is noticed or expected.
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We are here to ensure you quality
pest control services with complete solution.

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We have advance techniques & chemical product to help people get rid of pest at their homes and workplaces.

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TPS pest control techniques & chemical product always ensure the safety of your family members, employees & customers.

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