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General Pest Management

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General Pest Management

Chemical Method

Pesticides used by our pest control technicians to combat crawling pests are safe-to-use pest products neutralising growth and breeding of intruding pests in your kitchen and other areas infected by the crawlers. We apply chemical method for quelling the pests while maintaining a conscious effort not to breed harmful damage to biological assets like plants and crops around your property. Affordable and cost-effective, our harmless pesticides are fast-acting, effective; and potentially restrictive to the growth of the pests.

Gel Treatment

We provide gel treatment for crawling pests like cockroaches and aiming to their whole eradication from the pests infected kitchen and other areas of your dwelling place. Gel used by our pest control technicians work on these crawlers with assured guarantee of their removal. Our pest repellents don’t waft repulsive smells, thus disturbing no occupants in your living area while treating the pests. Our technicians do the analysis of your pest-infected areas and the extent of damage caused before applying methods like gel baiting and trapping to treat the intruding crawlers.

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